We come across several vendors providing service to us and to our other clients. Some are listed here for your convenience. Call us for more info.

We are here to assist you.


Delta Plumbing – Carlos  407-705-7502

Sam’s Plumbing   407-359-7636

Erod Plumbing – Eric   407-702-3765

Home Inspectors

Call 407-592-3309


Carlos 407-466-8602

Mark  407-341-2960

Want other vendors???

Call 407-592-3309 for vendors not listed here.


Call 407-592-3309


Mark Smith 407-341-2960

Sam   407-617-5567

Chris Yarzell  407-583-9045

Kyle  785-451-2205

Omar  407-358-0150

Rick Hyman  407-808-2902

Eddie Walker  407-719-0195

Home Warranty

Why a Seller needs to have? &
Why a Buyer should get it?

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There are several companies that provide local and national home warranties.  Please call them directly and find out what items are covered and how they process claims.

Jayesh Khatri

Degrees, Designations & Certifications

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Very Important when it comes Money – Buyers Must Watch!!!