Home flipping — defined as a purchasing then selling a property within 12-months — dropped 3 percent in Orange County in 2018 and stayed about the same in Seminole County. In both counties, investors saw smaller ROIs compared to 2017. Read more

Visualizing how one sample tile will look throughout an entire room can be a challenge, but Houzz is here to help with the latest update to our View in My Room 3D tool! Today, we introduced a new augmented reality (AR) feature that enables shoppers to virtually cover their floor with tile, true-to-scale. Shoppers can see what their homes would look like with new flooring, find out how much tile is needed to cover the space, and order an appropriate amount of material all within the Houzz app.

To use the feature, simply tap the View in My Room 3D button on a product page for any 3D-enabled tile product, launching the iPhone, iPad or Android camera. Read more

Six straight months of declining home sales have resulted in one of the largest year–over–year inventory increases in at least 10 years, according to the most recent RE/MAX National Housing Report.
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If you and your partner are house hunting — don’t let the stress of shopping for a new home dampen your romance. With two different opinions driving the purchase process, it can create disagreements. RE/MAX offers advice and tips for finding your perfect home — together.

“Consider the lifestyle changes most couples face throughout a long relationship,” says agent Lisa Harris of RE/MAX Center in Braselton, Georgia, near Atlanta. “Homeowners are living in their homes longer than ever, so couples need to consider possible lifestyle changes in the future. Think about kids, elderly parents, job changes and hobbies.”
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Confused about how real estate professionals are impacted by the Qualified Business Income Deduction of Section 199A? Here’s a few examples.
Example 1: Amy Agent is a single Realtor® who operates as a sole proprietor and independent contractor. She received $100,000 in net commission income in 2018. She has no capital gains or losses. After claiming deductions not related to her business, including the standard deduction, Amy’s total taxable income for 2018 is $81,000. Her qualified business income (QBI) is $100,000, which is her gross commissions less her business deductions. Amy’s section 199A deduction for 2018 is equal to $16,200, which is the lesser of 20% of her QBI from her business as a real estate agent ($100,000 x 20% = $20,000) and 20% of Amy’s total taxable income for the year ($81,000 x 20% = $16,200). Read more

Did you know that many police departments have a community affairs officer whose primary goal is to build a strong working relationship with the community? That means you have access to a trained safety expert who wants to give you ideas to keep your home and neighborhood safe.

Read on for eight simple home security hacks from a recent home safety evaluation conducted by a police officer
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From NYC to PDX — these renters made the move and even found room for a pup!

When former New Yorkers Erica Warren and Cici Harrison drove across the country and settled in the Pacific Northwest, they had a list of criteria for their new rental.

They’d need a parking space, a home office so Erica could work remotely and, of course, a yard so they could adopt a dog. And this rental couldn’t be too splashy, because a cross-country move is expensive enough.
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The Internal Revenue Service has issued final rules on the 20 percent business income deduction (Sec. 199A of the Tax Code) that was enacted in late 2017 as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Among other things, the rules confirm that the deduction applies to your business income, as a real estate agent or broker, if you operate as a sole proprietor or owner of a partnership, S corporation, or limited liability company. It applies even if your income exceeds a threshold set in the law of $157,500 for single filers and $315,000 for joint filers.

In addition, the rules provide guidance that NAR has been seeking on two other provisions of importance to you: 1) whether any real estate rental income you have is eligible for the deduction, and 2) how the deduction applies to properties you’ve exchanged under Sec. 1031 of the tax code.

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Fairs and festivals always have a perfect “date-night” vibe to me. Maybe it’s the lights and the laughter … and the smell of fried goodies. Luckily, here in Central Florida, we have lots of options for a festive Valentine’s events. Here are a few ideas we love: Read more

The chance of a recession in Florida has doubled in the past year, but the state is “pretty safe” from recession in 2019, economists said Monday.

The chance of a recession is low in the next nine months, Jerry Parrish, chief economist for the Florida Chamber Foundation said at its annual economic outlook and jobs forecast in Orlando.

In an interview, University of Central Florida economist Sean Snaith said he agrees job growth is slowing but that Florida’s economy remains strong. Read more