These are some of exclusive marketing resources we use.

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MLS – Multiple Listing Service

MLS – It is our system where we list the house information and other details which is then viewed by other Realtors.  Our local board ORRA – Orlando Regional Realtors Association, Florida Realtors Association and NAR – National Association of Realtors

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RE/MAX – Locally, Nationally & Internationally

We also enter the property information on our own web portal so it can be advertised locally, nationally and internatiionlly.  Our offices are located in over 90 countries to give you the MAXIMUM EXPOSURE.  Nobody in the world sells more real estate than RE/MAX.

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Zillow, Trulia and other Real Estate web portals

Again we upload and update the property information to these and other sites.

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Take High Quality Photos

See the difference between our photos and others.  And add description for each photos so the search engines pick up the property address, property details and therefore, appears as “Relevant” information on the websites.

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Create Flyers

Create high quality color flyers and distribute to several homes, realtors, office etc.

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Create Videos

Create high quality videos ….

Create Virtual Tours

Create high quality videos ….

See how REMAX is working for you to market your property

Click here to see the Live Activity …

Create PDF files etc and Email them to potential clients and buyers

Create high quality videos ….

And Many more avenues
-Call existing clients
-Call sphere of influence
-Distribute flyers to neighbors
-Hold Open Houses